Dagen börjar jag med en text som jag skrivit själv. Vad som står på schemat är ännu oklart. Vi hörs i alla fall så småningom. :)

I can't get enough. Too much of everything, nothing of anything. Paths to walk. Boundaries to break. Choices in life that I have to make.  But disappointenmet lies in every ones eyes. Gotta break the saftey zone. Jump out in the wild. Forget about them, forget about it all. We'll just see how it goes, the puzzel's still unsolved so far.

(Får inte kopieras utan mitt tillstånd!)
How did it come to this? Been struggling for a while. Never close to reach satisfaction.
Sinking deeper in the sea feel no longer free.
The weight of failure on top of the shoulders, have a long walk ahead.
Been walking, oh walking without even moving one step.
When is this gone? When is it about to end?
I think that's up to me, must make up my mind.
When I decide, I can make it all right.

My texts/thoughts/feelings

Hittade inget bättre att döpa det till, men nu förstår ni ju precis vad det handlar om. Har flera gånger innan skrivit små texter och sånt, men det har kanske inte alltid framgått att det är mitt eget. Men står det mitt namn är det mitt simple as that :)

I didn't belong and I still don't belong,
going there shouldn't have mattered anyway
I'm not one of them and I will never be.
I go where my heart goes and I belong where my heart belongs.
Clearly this ain't one of them places.
When I'll get there I'll let you know.
You might not be able to recognize me 'll have a new glow.
Soemthing you've never seen before.

/Reema Johnson